Firemen don’t deserve negative comments

To whom it may concern. I am tired of hearing negative comments in regards to our local firefighters. These men get paged at unknown hours to try to make a difference. Their mission is to do their best to save an individual and/or families, homes or lives of local citizens. To the gossiper (you know who you are) that has only negative comments towards the local firefighters, with your negative and know it all attitudes, I feel that if you think that you can do a better job, then come into the local firehouse and become a volunteer firefighter. It would be nice to have someone that knows everything help our department out, instead of passing on such ignorance. I feel it is cowardly to sit around and give negative and hurtful comments. I do not see you risking your life for a better cause.

The local fire department should have support from the local citizens because one day they may be saving our house or life. There are many good things that could be said about our men who risk their lives for you. I am not saying that our department does not have flaws. But everything has flaws; those flaws are a part of life. We as people should work to be positive and help each other through those flaws.

Overall, our department does a good job and I want to say thank you to the firefighters and I also want to add that I am thankful that our firefighters have been safe on all the calls they have attended.

This is a poem that I want the readers to read, to help reflect what a firefighter and his/her families go through:

The pager makes its beeping noise,
the scanner comes to life.
You see excitement on his face
as he goes off to fight.

No matter what you’re doing
or whatever the current plan,
All you can say is “Later Hon”
as he gets those keys in hand.
You say a little prayer
that God will keep him safe.
That with all the pride and bravery
no one will make a mistake.

You know those men are brothers
and fiercely will protect
The lives of each other and others
they will truly give their best!

You and your “man’s best friend”
are both loyal and true.
You keep each other company
waiting for him to return to you.

And when that front door opens
with “Honey I’m home” again,
You thank the Lord he’s back OK,
your brave and strong fireman.

Barb Righter and family and friends

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